How would your life be different if you KNEW what your destiny was?


Your Destiny is Written in the Stars



In just 90 minutes or less, YOU could be on the Path of Greatness.



Let me explain...




Your life has a purpose -- a destiny -- and it's up to YOU how you fulfill it.


Sadly, very few people pursue their destiny, much less know what it is.


I can help you find your destiny, even if you have absolutely no clue where to begin looking for it.


But first, here's an inspirational look at one man who fulfilled his destiny in life:




He did it...and so can YOU!



The best part is that you don't have to wait for some magical day in order to start pursuing your destiny. You can start living your legacy right away.



That's right,'re not waiting for your destiny...your destiny is waiting for you.


And I can help you unlock it.




Hey, comrade, this is D/C Russ here, founder of and author of When Wisdom Whispers: The Art of Following Your Heart to a Life You Love.


As far back as I can remember, I've had the gift of being incredibly in-tune with my "inner voice". But it wasn't until my mid-20's when I actually integrated it with my lifestyle.


Up until then, I just did what everyone else said I should. I was too afraid to listen to my heart because I thought I was crazy...after all, I didn't hear anyone talking about dreams, passions, or destiny. All I heard was "study, get good grades, work hard, and retire."


Some life that would've been...


Luckily I met an amazing person who helped me hear my heart, and inspired me to have the guts to follow it.


From there it took me over three years before I was able to identify my destiny and put it into words.


My destiny is to help people find meaning, happiness, and adventure in their lives by restoring the perceived significance of everyday existence.


It's a mouthful, I know. But all it really means to me is that I help people see life like it's virtual reality: a video game where you choose the quests that make up your life adventure.


We're only here for a very short time. Why not use your energy to do something amazing -- for yourself, your family, and the world?


It's never too late to start living the life you were destined to lead.


Are you with me so far? Are you ready to jump on YOUR Path to Greatness?


Your Path to Greatness



Discover Your Destiny



90 Minutes of Support


***Can do phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts***




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In the time it takes to watch a short movie, you could have a whole new world of opportunities open in front of you.





Together, you and I will delve deep into your life to figure out three main things:


  • Your Past

    What was your early life like? How have you seen yourself as 'different' than others? What kinds of things did you dream about as a child?

  • Your Present

    What do you love more than everything? If you could make a living doing anything, what would it be? What are your biggest difficulties in life?

  • Your Future

    If the world were perfect, what would it look like to you? What do you imagine your ideal life being like? What do want people to remember about you long after you're dead?





Still unsure if I'm able to help you? Read what other people are saying about me:



You've been my coach, my cheerleader, and my swift kick in the ass for the past year (give or take). I'm rebuilding slowly and steadily and you're the lighthouse in the endless sea of info and issues that I am dealing with to get back on track. Thanx D/C .. you're a godsend. -Kiki


It was just in time to clear all my confusion and give me a way to water my seed. In fact I'm going to start on my desire and dreams right away. -Karan


In just a few words..DC GETS IT! He just inspires you to go through life in a positive and spiritual way through his guidance and storytelling. -Jon


Mr. Russ does an excellent job of laying down a clear outline to propel yourself forward. -Jack


Mr. Russ, on the other hand, is precise, fierce and gets right to the point to help you get to work weeding the garden of your mind so the seeds of desire can grow and bear fruit. -Rose


THANK YOU!! -Barrington


I have known DC for just a few months and was ready to read his new book "When Wisdom Whispers". The stories are great and if you meet him in person he LOVES AND LIVES what he wrote there. -Jon


You need clarity within your being to support your vision. The way to get that clarity is more than telling yourself the right things. You need to consciously, actively delete the old, limiting beliefs and install new ones. And Russ helps you do just that, in utterly practical terms. -Eva


D/C — As usual, you’ve taken a subject that a lot of us struggle with, gave us a strategy to focus on (and the mindset required to use it) then broke it down into easy, do-able steps that will have an OUTSTANDING outcome for all parties involved. Thanks so, so much! -Dan




Your Destiny Awaits...




Discover Your Destiny



90 Minutes of Support


***Can do phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts***




Nothing is more satisfying than living your destiny in life. Don't waste any more time wondering what could have been.




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It's my way of showing you that I'm serious. I'm here to help you unlock your most amazing life possible.



I don't deserve to get paid unless you leave the session fired up and ready to make some serious changes in your life.



...and if you really think about it...when was the last time you've seen someone offering to help you find your destiny in life?



This is your chance to embark on a destiny full of meaning, purpose, and adventure!





I can help you get where you need to be in life.


In just 90 minutes or less, we will remove all the clutter that stands between you and your new, amazing life.


I'm serious when I say that everyone is destined for great things. So let's get YOU on your Path of Greatness.





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Discover Your Destiny



90 Minutes of Support


***Can do phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts***



The buck stops here.

Don't let this opportunity slip by. Now's the time seize control of your destiny, comrade.

Ride On!

D/C Russ

be bold. stay strong.